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Tengmalm's Owl

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

The big bird news in Shetland recently has been the discovery of a Tengmalm's Owl in the west mainland. It was first seen by Jackie and Erik Moar in their garden at Tumblin, Bixter, on February 19th, and thanks to their kindness in allowing access to their garden, the owl has been seen by many birdwatchers from Shetand and beyond. On February 25th, it moved to nearby Lea Gardens at Tresta, and seems set to attract many more admirers from near and far.

Tengmalm's Owls are extremely rare visitors to Britain, and this is the first time ever that one has remained long enough for keen birdwatchers to catch up with one on these shores - hence the tremendous excitement this delightful little owl has generated. It has only been recorded in Shetland four times previously, the last being as long ago as 1912!

Not only has this been a good news story for all the birdwatchers who have travelled to see the Tengmalm's Owl, an on site charity collection for the Wastview Day Centre, in nearby Walls, has raised well in excess of £1400.

Tengmalm's Owl at Bixter, Shetland (C) Rob Fray

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