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More Two-barred Crossbills

After the massive influx of Two-barred Crossbills in the summer of 2019 (see here), it seemed very unlikely that there would be more during the summer of 2020. However, on a visit to the woodlands at Kergord, in the central mainland, on July 4th 2020, I was delighted (and somewhat surprised) to discover a little flock of five Two-barred Crossbills. There were several Common Crossbills present as well, but the Two-barreds kept themselves to themselves. The group consisted of an adult male, and adult female and three juveniles, and they seemed to be travelling as a definite family group. I wonder where they had come from? Given the huge numbers of Two-barred Crossbills that reached Shetland in 2019, it is tempting to suggest they hadn't travelled very far...

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