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Booted Warbler

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

The highlight of the spring as far as birds were concerned, for me anyway, was the appearance of a Booted Warbler in our garden at Bakkasetter on 1st June. Booted Warbler is a rare visitor to the UK, with almost all records in the autumn. 'Our' bird, which spent the whole day singing his heart out in our garden, was the first ever to be seen in Scotland in the spring, and only the sixth time Booted Warbler has been seen in the UK as a whole during the spring. What he may have lacked in looks, he certainly made up for with his song, a lovely warbling affair not dissimilar to the song of a Blackcap. He was also a characterful little bird, and was very fearless; he even spent some time attempting to get in our shed!

The usual breeding range of Booted Warbler is Russia and Kazakhstan, so our special visitor was somewhat off course!

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