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A lost Puffin

During the night of 29th/30th July 2019 I went outside to check the garden moth trap as usual, and was a little surprised to see a recently fledged Puffin standing next to the trap! It had presumably not long left its burrow for the first time and become slightly confused, and had then been attracted to the light - even though my garden is over a mile from the sea.

Anyway, I managed to catch the Puffin and put it in a pet carrier for the night; it was a little wet and bedraggled, although nothing that would upset a bird which spends three-quarters of its life at sea. Next morning I attempted to give it a bit of food (tuna and cat food), which it promptly chucked around all over the place!

The Puffin seemed in good health, so later that evening it was time to release the bird back in to the wild. I chose Spiggie beach for its release site, where there aren't too many Great Skuas and other predators that would take a shine to a young Puffin, and waited until late in the evening in the hope that any predators in the area would have given up for the day and gone to roost. The first release attempt didn't go too well, but the second attempt was a success, and the Puffin paddled off out to sea and into the sunset. Bon voyage baby Puffin!

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